Cottage Country Commute

Make your way up to Cottage Country Friday afternoons with your host Doug Newton and Cottage Country Commute
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About Doug Newton
Never far from his heart, Doug took his passion for life he learned growing up in Parry Sound, to the sunny south of Ontario.  Starting in Grimsby and quickly moving to West Lincoln, he left his mark everywhere he went.  He has accomplished many accolades throughout his 20+ years since leaving the Great White North, including successful careers in Retail, Financial Advising, and the last 10 years with his own Tattoo Shop! He has been recognized throughout the world with his endeavours, donated and raised thousands of dollars for many charities and organizations, and has rubbed elbows with the fancy and famous.  But his love, interest, and early lessons of music and radio, under the careful eye of his mentor Doug McCann, has brought him back around full circle to be your radio personality on Parry Sound Eastern Shores Radio.  His passion is contagious and you can catch his charismatic personality on his show, "Cottage Country Commute" every Friday afternoon from 4:00 to 8:00.